Your Eye Health Is Important:


Eye health and Prescription eyeglasses

For most of us eye health is like a jargon. Dental health and other health issues are addressed immediately as it has a physical effect on our body but for eyes we procrastinate to get it checked regularly. As per my personal experience we tend to overlook symptoms of eye problem thinking that it’s a minor headache and avoid visiting a doctor. We only visit the doctor’s office or think of prescription eyeglasses only when the pain gets severe.

We forget that our eyes go through maximum exertion throughout the day, causing irritation on eyes, puffiness, itching and aching. These symptoms should not be overlooked as it may ultimately damage your eyes. Here are some useful information’s on how to take care of your eye health.

1.      Regular eye checkup:

Regular eye checkup once a year is a must if you are suffering from vision disorder; and once in two years is a must if you do not have any vision related issues. With regular eye checkup you will not only get your prescription updated but will also be aware of any other eye problems like dry eyes, allergies and other eye related issues which will definitely help you get relief from other vision related problems. Computer vision syndrome is another vision related problem that many of us are unaware of but these issues can be diagnosed with regular eye checkup.

2.      Protecting your eyes:

Eyes are sensitive and protecting your eyes from sun and dust is as important as protecting your skin from these. We use sun protection lotions whenever we are engage in outdoor activity as sun burn is evident but we overlook protecting our eyes as problems are not evident but generally when our eyes are exposed to bright sunlight, we generally get headache and feel fatigue.

Sunglasses protect our eyes from UV rays and decreases the light intensity that penetrates our eyes thus offers a cool vision even on a bright sunny day. It is also proven that sunglasses protect our eye from a common eye disease like cataract. The major cause of cataract is the UV rays and if we use sunglasses regularly, we will be able to prologue causing cataract. With technology prescription sunglasses are also available.

3.      Proper rest to your eyes:

Like rest of your body your eyes also need rest and there are few home based remedies that you can follow to pamper your eyes. Proper sleep is one of the major factors. If you work long hours on computer it is advisable that you take proper precautions and rest while working on computer else it will lead to computer vision syndrome.

Once a while, you can pamper your eyes by cold compression. To do so you can use a tea bag submerged in cold water. Place the wet tea back on your eyes and leave it for one to two minutes. Repeat the process for two to three times. This will help your eyes to re-hydrate and protect your eyes from allergies and dryness.

4.      Healthy diet:

Though it is clinically proven but it is said that few vegetable and fruits help your eyes. Eating right not only help protect your eyes but will overall help you stay fit and healthy.


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