How to get prescription eyeglasses according to your budget?

Buying eyeglasses has always been a tricky task. Most of the glasses that are sold at retail stores or at opticians are very

prescription eyeglasses

Buy eyeglasses online according to your budget.

expensive and we always tend to compromise the quality of glasses with price as budget is the biggest concern. Normally a prescription eyeglass at a store comes not lesser than $50 and as an optician I have come across many clients who have been using the same glasses for more than 2-3 yeas as they say that the vision is fine with the glasses but as the matter of fact when we test their vision with the same glasses they are unable to pass the vision test.

The best way to get reasonable prescription eyeglasses is to know your budget. Select a frame accordingly and always look for options. There will be variety of frames available and before you select a frame it’s a good idea to know about the lenses. Be clear about what lenses you would need single vision, bifocal or progressive and also ask for the price with anti-reflective coating. Get to know the prices of all lenses including branded and non-branded. One you decide on which lenses you would prefer as this would make it easy to select the frames as most of the stores will have the prices listed for the frames. It usually happens that once you select frames the price of the lenses will be high which will make you overshoot your budget. Always ask for the return policy as it is possible that sometimes you will not be able to adjust with the lenses.

Once you purchase the glasses always make sure to see if the frame fitting and lenses are fitted correctly before leaving the sore to avoid revisit to the store. Check if the nose pads are fitted correctly and it’s a good idea to inquire about after sales service for the nose pads and screws as these are the most delicate part of the frames and these tends to get loose., is one of the leading online prescription eyeglasses store and offers a wide selection of eyeglasses frames, prescription sunglasses, bifocal glasses, prescription spectacles at affordable price. Do visit our store for hassle free shopping.


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